Frequently Asked Questions


Can I go… somewhere else?

Yes, we can take you anywhere you want if you have a beach, secret surf spot, dive spot, or area you would like to visit. Just get in contact us to discuss the distance and the price, but yes we can be very flexible.

Can I privately charter your boat?

Yes, if you have sailing and navigation experience you can take our boat yourself. Different rates apply based on a cost per day + fuel, so please contact us for more information.

Do you have safety equipment?

Yes, we have life jackets, a first aid kit box, a radio,  and emergency oxygen. Our boat is also the best equipped and modern boat in the whole of south Lombok. It is s a powerful aluminum vessel with a 200-hp engine (with a spare 40-hp engine) – it can handle any weather or tide conditions.

Why do your prices vary?

Our prices are based on covering the cost of boat fuel. Different bays are different distances and require more fuel consumption.

Can I make a booking?

Please contact us via email, or ideally phone to check availability and make a reservation.