Surfing Boat Trips In Lombok


We offer a variety of surfing trips in south Lombok. We can take you to any break along the south coast, we can advise you on where to go,  for your skill level and the swell and tide conditions, and we can supply you with a local guide / teacher if required.

You can charter our boat for the day (or the week if you wish), travel in comfort, quickly (our boat is 3x faster than the traditional wooden banana boats), and safely (we stock life vests, oxygen and a first aid kit) to a surf break of your choice.

You can surf for 3-5 hours and choose your own start time to suit the swell and return at your leisure. You can surf one area, have your lunch, and then journey to a different spot, all with a local guide or teacher who knows the breaks inside out and can advise where to go based on the swell, wind and weather conditions if required.

Here are the most popular destinations:

  • Grupuk (** 20 minutes) – 3 different breaks, great for beginners and experts, Grupuk has something for everyone.
  • Ekas (30 minutes) – 2 breaks, a left and a right. often un-crowded
  • Air Guling (15 minutes) – close to Kuta, often un-crowded and has a left and a right break – it can get BIG here with higher swell.
  • Mawi (40 minutes) – An intermediate and above left hander. Amazing scenery and maybe the best barrel of your life?
  • Selong Belanak (45 minutes) – One of Lombok’s most beautiful white powder sand beaches. This is a small, soft beach break and perfect for total beginners.
  • Belongas Bay (60 minutes) – Multiple breaks around this area, and it’s distance from Kuta makes it empty – surf without the crowds on perfect waves.
  • Desert Point (up to 2.5 hours) – The best left hand barrel in the world – only for experts.
  • West Sumbawa (up to 3 hours) – We can even take you to west Sumbawa to surf Yo-Yo’s, Super Suck, Scar Reef etc (and bring you back to town before night time).

** Our journey estimates are based on using our boat – it has a 200hp engine and typically can save you double or more travel time – for instance; we can take you to Ekas in 30 minutes, but on your own this journey can take up to 2 hours by motorbike and then wooden banana boat.

Of course, you can go anywhere, and you can surf multiple breaks in one day if you wish – we can help advise you on which breaks are near each other and what is possible / recommended.

Want a Guide or Teacher?

You can of course take your own surf guide or teacher, or you can take one of our experienced surf teachers who can teach you, or just “guide” / surf with you and give you information about the wave. Add an extra 200,000rp to the price to take one of our surf guides with you.

Your Boat

Surf BoatYour boat is a powerful aluminum vessel with a 200-hp engine (with a spare 40-hp engine). We also have safety equipment on board – a radio, life jackets, first aid kit and emergency oxygen.

If you are taking a trip around the headlands into different bays on parts of open ocean then you can feel safe and confident even in rough weather conditions that you will safely return.


  • All prices are based on a 5 hours maximum total journey time. (No partial refunds for less time spent)
  • Boat is moored at and leaves from Kuta Bay in-front of IndoDreams restaurant.
  • You can pick your start time to suit the swell and tide, but you must be home before sunset.
  • Water is provided for you, on request a food package can be arranged.
  • Maximum capacity is 10 people on the boat on any one trip


Pricing varies depending upon factors such as which break you go to, how long you want the boat for approximately, and how much fuel it will consume.

However, the price can be just $50 for a short journey, and with a larger group even longer journeys are comparable in price to using the wooden boats (only without the hour+ motorbike journey, and with a lot more comfort).

Contact us by email – info [at] , or call direct on +62 8131 0936 764 to discuss your needs, get a quote, or make a booking.


Here is a video of the boat taking a trip out and stopping at Air Guling on the way for a surf: